News:   Within our first 90 days of operation we successfully acomplished the deployment of our applications in more than 1500+ Android devices around the globe


  • Turn your iPhone into a mobile hotspot.
  • It works with Windows, Linux, Mac and gaming systems.
  • It does not require to jailbreak nor install unsigned software in order to tether with our application.
  • Mobile Hotspot is a Certified Apple Developer.

Mobility HotSpot

  • Mobility HotSpot is our flagship product.
  • Turn your Android device into a mobile Hotspot using your current data plan.
  • You will be able to connect your gaming system in just two taps on your touchscreen.

Rootless Tether

  • Rootless Tether is the first application that provides full tethering service without rooting.
  • All you have to do is install the application, download the computer files, double click on Connect and you are ready to go.

Personal Connection

  • Personal Connection lets you use your cellphone as a modem so you can provide internet to your computer using the usb cord.
  • No client or PC Software needed. PC/MAC compatible.

Rooting Process

  • Rooting is the process that enables you to unlock all the built-in features of your device.
  • Once you root your phone you can explode 100% all your CPU capabilities.
  • You can overclock it, take screen shots, turn it into a hotspot, tether your internet connection with your usb cord.
  • As every process, it is possible to reverse it, if you have the need to restore your phone you can always go back as it used to be before rooting it.

What Our Customers Say?

David on December 16, 2012
HTC Incredible 2 Version 2.0

Super quick response. Support was very efficient easy to work with

Jonathan on December 7, 2012 HTC Evo 4G Version 2.0

Fast responses for troubleshooting. I had an encryption issue, and support staff helped me resolve the issue. Now it works completely flawless.. :-)